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Gesture is the new tap.

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Why Neo?

Presenting you Neo Launcher, a brand-new gesture based Home app for Android. Because, the ones that are built on the same guidelines are just reflections.


Go minimal! You don't need weather / mail / clock / messages on your homescreen anymore; They're all just a swipe or an 'Ok Google' away. That's why Neo brings with it only the essential entity that your homescreen needs - 'Space'. What can you do with space? Well, you can fly.

Clear UI

Not a fan of cluttered desktop? You're gonna love this. Neo comes with elegantly designed panels, appealing floating elements and a transparent layer below everything to let your homescreen show off the background.


Neo comes with a clean material UI that adapts automatically to your wallpaper. Everything you might possibly need off your homescreen is placed in the most beautiful way possible. The interface is lightweight, sweet and crisp.


The best part! Neo gives you the ability to launch anything from your homescreen with gestures. Icons belong in the app drawer; Start adding gestures to each one of them.

App Screenshots

What are we talking about?

App Screenshots      App Screenshots

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